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  • Even You Can Learn Cybersecurity Skills with Raspberry Pi

    Lately, we've talked a lot about why we love the Raspberry Pi, but we forgot one crucial reason why we think this is an awesome tool. The main reason we love...

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  • The Truth About Remote Work

    Lessons on How to be a Digital Nomad I often get asked what it’s like to work remotely in the tech sphere. Much of the work I’ve done in cybersecurity...

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  • Where to Begin – Part 5

    Don't Give Up – You Get A Cybersecurity Job With Persistence Welcome to the fifth and final video of Ask Nato’s Where To Begin video series! Ready for the final...

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  • Where to Begin – Part 4

      Do you have no experience and no education? No problem! This series is for you! We’re here to assure you that there’s space for you in cybersecurity.  In Part...

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  • Happy Holidays!

    From all of us at notiaPoint, we hope you have a happy, peaceful and safe holiday season surrounded by those you love.  As our gift to you, we're giving you...

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  • Where to Begin – Part 3

      Welcome to Part 3 of our Where to Begin series!  Before we jump in, let’s take a quick look at what we’ve already covered. Let’s Recap!   In Part...

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