Pi'd Tinkerer DIY Hybrid Cloud DevSecOps Workshop for Raspberry Pi 4B (Workshop Only – Hardware NOT Included)


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      **DLC EXPANSION NOW LIVE: "Hybrid Cloud Mastery" workshop expansion now included**

      (BYOD: Bring Your Own Device) This program DOES NOT include hardware!!

      Why Buy a Raspberry Pi Overclocking Workshop From notiaPoint?

      When you purchase the Pi'd Tinkerer Workshop from notiaPoint, you'll receive a training workshop to show you how to set up and configure a Raspberry Pi 4B PCB – better yet, we teach you how to build Hybrid Cloud clusters using Docker Swarm for development.

      You will also learn how to overclock your Raspberry Pi to make it at least 25% more powerful than it is out of the box!

      Build your own Raspberry Pi Home Lab with the knowledge you build in this workshop. 

      What You'll Learn

      In this workshop, you'll gain practical skills and know-how as you build your Raspberry Pi 4B from the ground up.

      You'll learn:

      • •  How to image an operating system on your Raspberry Pi
      • •  How to remotely access your Raspberry Pi using SSH
      • •  How to overclock your Raspberry Pi for enterprise grade development
      • •  How to install and use Docker Swarm (Kubernetes ready)
      • •  The basics of cloud hacking
      • •  How to cluster at least two – and up to 5,000 – Raspberry Pis to create your own super computer

      What You Get

      When you purchase the Pi'd Tinkerer Home Lab, you'll receive instant access to your online materials. Simply create a profile on our secure website portal. Once you've logged in, you can click "Access My Workshops" in the top navigation bar at any time to view this and any workshop you've purchased from notiaPoint.

      Pi Tinkerer Workshop includes:

      • •  Invite to our private Discord server where you can talk to other Pi'd Tinkerers and ask for help and support
      • •  Video guidance to help you set up and configure your Pi
      • •  Video lessons to build more advanced skills, including cloud hacking, clustering, and overclocking

      SPECIAL BONUS: Students who purchase the Pi'd Tinkerer Workshop during the month of November will have their monthly memberships fees for the DevSecOps Dojo waived for the rest of 2020. That's a savings of $300!

      The DevSecOps Dojo is notiaPoint's ongoing cloud engineering program and professional community.

      (Please note, all DevSecOps Dojo members must apply and prove certain technical competencies to be accepted into the Dojo.)

      Learn more about the DevSecOps Dojo.

      Is This for You?

      What's a Raspberry Pi?

      A Raspberry Pi is an incredibly diverse machine that puts the power and versatility of a personal computer into the palm of your hand. This computer is smaller than your cell phone but has the power to transform into a development lab, a wireless server, a home security system, a network-wide ad blocker, a gaming center, an entertainment center – or simply use it as a compact and portable personal computer. 

      We love these little PCBs because the possibilities are endless!

      We perform all of our company Development Security Operations (DevSecOps) using Raspberry Pis, and we provide open-source code for a tool called the Olympiad.  The workshop in Pi'd Tinkerer introduces how you can build and use the Olympiad's architecture to use the Raspberry Pi as a perfect home lab for learning and building cybersecurity and ethical hacking skills.

      NOTE: Raspberry Pi PCB hardware is NOT INCLUDED with this course.

      Need a Raspberry Pi? Check out notiaPoint's custom-built lab hardware, which includes a Raspberry Pi with a two-year warranty. All of our hardware also comes bundled with this workshop, so consider purchasing a Raspberry Pi from us.

      Our Guarantee

      If you're not completely satisfied with your purchase or decide that the Pi'd Tinkerer Workshop isn't right for you, please email us at info@notiapoint.com within 7 days of purchasing the course, and we will happily issue you a full refund.

      **We guarantee a one-week refund policy on this workshop!**

      Are you interested in the Raspberry Pi, but feel like you'd need additional context about how to use your new device to up-level your life and career? Check out notiaPoint's Pi'd Hacker Experience, which provides an eight-week video program to introduce you to cybersecurity and help you learn to ropes of DevSecOps.

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    • All of our sales go toward supporting our open-source software, providing self-paced education for intrapreneurs and entrepreneurs, cultivating our growing community of security-aware DIYers and improving DevSecOps cybersecurity solutions.  True security begins with you, so our goal is to support you in any way we can.

      Your training and consultation with notiaPoint, Inc., is provided by Nathan Riley, who has spent more than 10 years developing new technologies in the IT, cybersecurity, data science and software development arenas and is heavily certified with more than 10 technical certifications (including SANS, MCP, PCIP, CHP, Shellcoding, Black Hat and more).  He has worked with many businesses all around the world, including multiple countries in Europe, Asia and beyond.

      Nathan's extensive background brought him to discover his passion of improving individual privacy, creating DevSecOps technology and making cybersecurity more accessible to businesses and professionals — all built on the hardware foundation of Raspberry Pis.

      Collaboration is the key to success

      We provide you with a hands-on online experience.  notiaPoint gives our clients and students tools, live mentorship and open-source code that allows you to grow and advance in the cybersecurity space, whether you are an entrepreneur, intrapreneur, enthusiast or DIYer.

      We deliver a streamlined avenue to building a cybersecurity career for individuals or program for businesses, starting with establishing a focus on security awareness.  Our mentorship program and community helps springboard those of you seeking professional development into being better prepared to take on technology certifications, such as CompTIA's A+, Server+, Security+, Microsoft, Cisco and more.

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