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You Won't Find a More Efficient Alternative to Get Started in Cybersecurity


~Cyberspace is growing rapidly and opportunities aren't waiting for you to be ready.~


Cybersecurity is the industry for people who dare to try new things constantly.

Fundamentals First is an online mentorship program designed to provide the fundamentals necessary to start or advance a cybersecurity career sooner than later – without the need for years of additional education and training.

It’s hard enough to invest time and money working toward a supposed career you might not ever land a job in.  That's why Fundamentals First is different. 

It’s a mentorship program that teaches the skills to actually nail a cybersecurity job – no matter what level of education, technical training or experience you have.

What if I told you that not only can you land a cybersecurity job as quickly as you can begin applying, but you can also get your employer to pay for any missing certifications on their dime and their time to gain any skills you are lacking?  The bigger question you might be asking is, how is that even possible?

That’s why notiaPoint is here – we teach you how that’s possible.


It all starts with being willing to try.

Cybersecurity exists because there are people out there who are constantly trying new methods that allow them to exploit, steal or destroy valuable online information.  The media calls these individuals "hackers," and these attackers wear that label proudly as they take advantage of as many people as possible in the online world.

A major issue this presents is that these so-called hackers are really just people who are willing to constantly try new tactics to get what they want from others online – usually your personal information.

That's where cybersecurity comes in. This industry was created in response to cyber-threats and hackers, and is constantly evolving as the threatscape changes and hackers find new ways to collect and steal data.

This is why cybersecurity is the industry for people who dare to try new things constantly.

So, let's get into how the Fundamentals First Mentorship Program works.

Every Fundamentals First student will receive an Orange Pi mini server kit and the book, Cybersecurity Blue Team Toolkit, as mandatory reading.

Purchasing the full mentorship program grants you access to our members-only group called notiaSquad, which requires a Facebook account.

Mentorship will allow you to interact with cybersecurity professionals – both within the Squad and without – to provide industry information and career advice.

Once you're part of the Squad, you're a member for life, which means you will always have a like-minded community of support as you make your way on your professional path. The Squad's private Facebook group will also feature all the Fundamentals First trainings from the current season and past training sessions that you can always access and reference.

In the Squad, once the training season begins, members will receive live training sessions once a week for six weeks – videos of every training session will be sent afterward for review purposes, future reference and for students unable to tune in live.

You will learn cybersecurity fundamentals throughout those weeks, but most importantly, you will receive industry secrets and tricks of the trade for beginning a cybersecurity career with nothing more than the Fundamentals First training and your existing levels of education and experience.

Be prepared for homework, and questions within the Facebook group are encouraged.

If you already know that this program is right for you, sign up today.



Fundamentals First standard program comes with all kinds of bonus benefits.

We are partnered with a wonderful company called Infosec – all Fundamentals First students (excluding videos-only students) will receive discounts of up to 50% off of Infosec training options.  Other special bonuses from Infosec are available for those already working for businesses as cybersecurity professionals – see details for the business package.

notiaSquad is also an affiliate program and has rank-up system; all new members begin as Delta-ranked members with a path to level up to Alpha.

In addition, all standard program members will receive:

  • Additional trainings and webinars for members only
  • Fundamental Security Architect Certification for those who configure the Orange Pi with a GUI
  • Members-only special events and contests
  • Access to other professionals in the group, such as Nadean Tanner, author of Cybersecurity Blue Team Toolkit
  • Study group opportunities for certification pursuers
  • Inclusion into all future training seasons

Six-Week Training Schedule

(two hour weekly lecture with up to an additional two hours for question-and-answer sessions – one to four hours of weekly homework)


  • Discuss first principles of what makes cybersecurity what it is
  • Everything in cybersecurity starts with a chip; learn about PCBs/motherboards
  • Everything has a BIOS
  • Learn about how everything works almost the same in many ways, which led to the inevitable dawn of cybersecurity
  • Introduction to the Scientific Method as a first principle
  • Scientific Method
        ○  Concept of applied science
  • Computer Science
        ○  Applying science
        ○  OSI Model
        ○  Networking
  • Data Science
        ○  Using data to represent something important or critical
        ○  The foundation of data reporting – which must be understood to be efficient in cybersecurity
             •  Describe
  • Introduce Orange Pi (recommended homework)
        ○  Link to the Orange Pi video build class
        ○  Fundamental Security Architect Certification for those who complete Orange Pi build (cert provides a Linux basics guarantee)
  • Introduce Cybersecurity Blue Team Toolkit
        ○  Overview the whole book at a high level
  • First principles
  • Applied sciences (computer, cata, etc)
  • Touch on the Orange Pi, and discuss its relevance to these sciences in the context of the cybersecurity industry
  • Correlate to Cybersecurity Blue Team Toolkit
  • Review an exercise from the book with the Orange Pi
        ○  Homework: Try the exercise on your own
  • Discuss how tools do not make you a professional – developing insight is what makes someone a professional
  • Discuss compliance with examples
  • Discuss sought after certifications and why they're important
  • Define Blue Team versus Red Team
  • Define standard terms
        ○  Risk/risk management
        ○  Vulnerability
        ○  Vectors in cybersecurity
        ○  Breach
        ○  Mean time to detect (MTTD)
        ○  Mean time to respond (MTTR)
        ○  Maturity and maturity models
  • How everything roots back to Security Awareness
  • Always start with where you want to go
  • Discuss how long term planning works
        ○  Set a goal
        ○  Work toward the goal
        ○  Setbacks will always occur
             •  Every time we overcome set backs we make more progress than before due to insight
             •  How this process is necessary for shaping us through “peak experiences”
             •  Why setbacks don’t actually push us backwards (due to “peak experiences” and new, permanent insight)
  • Design a mock career plan
        ○  Represent how a career is started once you know the end goal
  • Introduce head hunting and what companies are actually looking for
        ○  Present a low-risk quality hire
  • Discuss keys to interviewing
  • Discuss keys to negotiation
  • What to do when things seem to stagnate
        ○  Growth begins internally (growing as a person is what grows your career – rather than trying to grow your career to improve your life)
        ○  What working smarter means
        ○  Use self-awareness to move past times of career stagnation
  • The results oriented mindset, and why it always wins over maximum effort with no strategy in mind
  • Optional affiliate program
        ○  How you can make money with notiaPoint

    Let’s talk money.

    Most fully-fledged cybersecurity training programs and boot camps will cost at least $3,000 without doing anything to help you make that money back.

    Cheaper programs out there are not going to give you the time of day when it comes to asking questions and getting actual support from a mentor with more than a decade of experience in the field.

    Regardless of where you start in cybersecurity, you can earn a six-figure salary within five years or less as long as you plan properly. We teach how to plan your career around nailing higher salaries.

    notiaSquad is also an affiliate program and, for those of you who are more social and like putting yourself out there in the crew, you will receive $100 for every new member you recruit into the Squad for Fundamentals First training.

    Fundamentals First Package Comparison 

     ★☆★ C = Core Options  |  B = Included Bonuses (Participation Optional) ★☆★

    Included Options Videos Only Standard Business
    Ask Questions See Price See Price See Price
    Access to video trainings C C C
    Learn the fundamentals of cybersecurity C C C
    Learn technical foundations C C C
    Learn industry standards C C C
    Learn career progression strategies C C C
    Access to seasonal live mentorship sessions online (six weeks)
    Ask direct questions to mentor
    Access to members-only mentorship community - notiaSquad
    Receive the Cybersecurity Blue Team Toolkit
    Receive Orange Pi (provided for certification preparation)
    Learn Linux BASH basics to build a cybersecurity sandbox (optional Fundamental Security Architect Certification)
    Access to online community events
    Admission into the notiaSquad affiliate program
    Discounts of up to 50% off Infosec Flex trainings (Security+ certification recommended)
    Included additional training and membership to Infosec Skills
    Infosec Skills account manager
    Infosec Skills turn-over protection
    Cybersecurity development consulting hours (half day)
    Ask Questions

    Videos Only

    See Price


    See Price


    See Price


    You do not have to be a part of a business to purchase the Business package. 

    Available From Our Partner Infosec


    There are certain cybersecurity positions that require a Security+ certification, so we work with Infosec to provide our members with the appropriate training to pass the Security+ test. Infosec also includes training options far beyond just the Security+ certification.

    *Infosec Flex courses must be purchased separately.  Infosec Skills options are included with the Business package.*


    Infosec Flex Discounts (Standard and Business EXCLUSIVE)

    Infosec has training options and dedicated boot camps for more than 100 technical certifications, including the incredibly coveted CISSP, PMP, Security+ certifications and beyond. Highly advanced certifications, like the CISSP, require a minimum of five years of experience to even qualify to obtain.

    Though certifications like the CISSP provide those with the credential more than any other cybersecurity certification, the average Security+ certified professional still earns at least $110,000 per year.

    We focus on helping you earn your Security+ certification, and we recommend all Fundamentals First students consider taking a Security+ Boot Camp.

    About Security+ Flex Boot Camp

    The Security+ Boot Camp is an intense, five-day accelerated training covering today’s most critical information security issues and practices. Infosec Flex's Security+ expert instructors not only ready you for the CompTIA Security+ exam, they also prepare you for real-world security challenges and provide critical knowledge around network security.

    You will learn about techniques and methodologies used to successfully configure, execute, construct and troubleshoot network security in order to ensure the threat of viruses, worms, Trojans and improper configuration is minimized or negated.

    All notiaSquad members will receive 20% off on all Infosec Flex courses.

    For notiaSquad members who form a study group of four or more individuals, we provide discounts up to 50% off on Infosec Flex certification courses.

    Infosec Skills (Business EXCLUSIVE)

    The business package includes additional training with the help of Infosec Skills. Business members get access to more than 20 skill- and certification-based training programs (including Security+ preparation), and notiaPoint will help advise which trainings are most appropriate based on your company's needs.

    If you are paying for the business package, we help your team members earn the Security+ certification at no additional cost.

    About Security+ Skills

    This learning path builds on your existing networking skills and prepares you to earn your Security+, one of the most popular entry-level cybersecurity certifications. You’ll learn the foundations of information security as you progress through 18 courses tied to the six Security+ certification exam objectives. Upon completion, you’ll be prepared to earn your Security+ certification and have an established base of cybersecurity knowledge you can use to progress into more advanced security certifications or career roles.

    Infosec Skills also comes with turnover protection options that conditionally allow training to be transferred over to other employees if talent moves on to other roles, departments or beyond their cybersecurity roles at your company in general.

    Fundamentals First Videos-Only Package

    This is the best plan for those who might not feel the need for live online mentorship and hands on coaching.

    Learn About:
    • First principles
    • The fundamental make-up of computing systems
    • Technical foundations needed for cybersecurity
    • Cybersecurity industry fundamentals
    • Interview tactics, job negotiation strategies and how to begin a cybersecurity career even with no experience
      • Understand the fundamentals for how cybersecurity works
      • Gain qualifications for careers in cybersecurity
      • Option to upgrade to the standard or business program for live training seasons and mentorship at any time
    View Plan Pricing


    Fundamental First Standard Package

    This is the best plan for those who are serious about starting a new cybersecurity career and is recommended for anyone not already working with a business.

    Learn About:
    • First principles
    • The fundamental make up of computing systems
    • Basic Linux navigation and configuration
    • How custom development impacts cybersecurity – including the creation of a graphical user interface (GUI)
    • Technical foundations needed for cybersecurity
    • Cybersecurity industry fundamentals
    • Interview tactics, job negotiation strategies and how to begin a cybersecurity career even with no experience
    • Understand the fundamentals for how cybersecurity works
    • Gain qualifications for careers in cybersecurity
    • Build your own lab to help prepare for certifications
    • Explore new ideas and possibilities in your Linux Sandbox 
    • Community exclusive challenges and competitions
    • Bonus options from Infosec
    View Plan Pricing


    Business Mentorship Package

    This is the best plan for those who work for a business or for those looking to develop cybersecurity skills for their staff.

    You do not have to be part of a business to purchase this package.
    Learn About:
    • First principles
    • The fundamental make up of computing systems
    • Basic Linux navigation and configuration
    • How custom development impacts cybersecurity - including the creation of a GUI (Graphical User Interface)
    • Technical foundations needed for cybersecurity
    • Cybersecurity industry fundamentals
    • How to prepare for and obtain a Security+ CompTIA certification
      • Understand the fundamentals for how cybersecurity works
      • Expand cybersecurity qualifications
      • Build your own lab to help prepare for certifications
      • Explore new ideas and possibilities in your Linux Sandbox
      • Community exclusive challenges and competitions
      • Bonus options from Infosec
      • Infosec Skills training for the Security+ CompTIA certification
      • Half a day's worth of consulting for you or for your company's cybersecurity program
    View Plan Pricing