Cybersecurity Essentials


Your Dream Job Is Waiting

At notiaPoint, we're passionate about helping people find profitable careers in cybersecurity and security awareness. That's why we've developed the Cybersecurity Essentials training course. We've helped many people without prior experience or training start careers in the cybersecurity space. All they shared was passion, drive and a willingness to learn. 

You could be next. 

When you sign up today, you'll receive:

  • Seven daily lesson on security awareness and how to find a career in the cybersecurity
  • Qualifications Guide
  • Interview Checklist
  • "The 10 Laws of Personal Online Security" e-book

In 2018, there were 20 million jobs in cybersecurity. This year, that number is already on course to reach and surpass 30 million jobs. Your new career is waiting. We'll help you find it. 

What You Learn

When you sign up for notiaPoint's Cybersecurity Essentials free training course, you'll gain foundational knowledge that you can use to avoid phishers and scammers online. You'll learn skills that you can use to help your business develop a cybersecurity program or that you can leverage into a job in cybersecurity. 

Topics covered in the Cybersecurity Essentials training include:

  • The core foundations of cybersecurity and security awareness
  • How to build – and avoid – a phishing attack
  • Why every business needs a cybersecurity program
  • How you can land a job in cybersecurity

We'll send you a new lesson each day for seven days, each packed with information the help you create a safer internet for yourself and those around you.

What You Get

Besides the daily lessons, we've developed a Qualifications Guide and Interview Checklist to help you discover what profitable positions you can land today based on your existing skills and education – no matter where you are on your career path. We'll share these with you as part of your daily lessons.

Plus, when you sign up right now, we'll give you instant access to the e-book "The 10 Laws of Personal Online Security," which is a great way to start your security awareness training. 

Don't wait. Cybersecurity Essentials is being offered for free right now. But this offer won't last long. All you need is an email address to get started on your new career path. 

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