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DevSecOps Dojo Trial Membership

DevSecOps Dojo Trial Membership

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Become a Cyber Samurai

Experience cloud engineering and cloud hacking at its finest from the comfort of your home.

The DevSecOps Dojo is notiaPoint's ongoing professional development program that offers continuous training in cloud technology and ethical hacking for a monthly subscription fee. 

The best way to learn cloud construction is to get hands-on. For this reason, participants will join a new cloud underground where they will learn how to create and destroy cloud technology.

The DevSecOps Dojo is meant for long-term thinkers and planners who are seeking to build and refine skills for years to come. Like martial arts, cybersecurity should be a practice that is continued over the course of a lifetime.

That's also why we follow the philosophies of Bushido, including awarding belts to members as they progress through the program.

Learn more about the DevSecOps Dojo.

How Trial Membership Works

When you sign up for the DevSecOps Dojo before Friday, Nov. 20, you will receive full access to the DevSecOps resources, including:

  • •  the Dojo Discord community of senior development professionals
  • •  replays of all past Dojo events
  • •  access to live weekly DevSecOps Dojo Kata trainings every Thursday
  • •  access to DevSecOps Dojo Live Sprint on Friday, Nov. 20 starting at 2 p.m. (more info below)

Before January 1, 2021, all Trial Members will be given the opportunity to remain in the Dojo by opting in to monthly subscription payments of $150 per month for as long as they choose to remain in the Dojo. Members may opt out at any time.

Learn more about the DevSecOps Dojo.

Special Bonus for Early Adopters

We know it takes guts to jump into something new and get in on the ground floor. That's why we want to show you our appreciation when you sign up now as one of the first members of the DevSecOps Dojo.

Members who join before November 30 will become members of the DevSecOps Dojo Roundtable. Those with seats at the Roundtable receive voting rights and special privileges. 

In addition, if you sign up before Nov. 20, you will be a part of the DevSecOps Dojo Sprint Day! During this LIVE event, Dojo founder, Sensei Nato Riley, will show DevSecOps in action as he develops the latest expansion for notiaPoint's continuous cloud-hosted workshops.

The DevSecOps Dojo Sprint Day will begin on Nov. 20 at 2 p.m. MST and will continue until it's finished – through the night, if necessary!

Other Ways To Join the DevSecOps Dojo

Get free access to the DevSecOps Dojo for the rest of 2020 when you purchase a cybersecurity workshop from notiaPoint. Check out our full lineup of products:

Please note, Dojo members who join via a notiaPoint workshop listed above are also considered trial members and will be required to opt into the monthly subscription fee in order to remain in the Dojo.

FREE eBook with Every Order!

Learn how to be safer online when you buy from us!

All profits contribute to our ability to provide as much affordable educational cybersecurity content as possible.  We also donate 5% of our profits to support better futures for at-risk youth through non-profits called Colorado Uplift and Elevate USA.
Your free eBook download will be available in your order confirmation email. The 10 Laws of Online Personal Security is about psychology of cyber criminals and identity thieves and how to be safe from them.


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