• Engineer Your Cyber Business

    Learn DevSecOps and ethical hacking skills for entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs and DIYers.

  • Run Business Like a Data Scientist

    Learn how to hack organic traffic and paid ads. Decode the metrics to optimize your campaigns.

  • Design a Career You'll Be Proud Of

    Leverage your existing experience to build the ultimate remote career.

  • Open-source SIEM Solutions For All

    Privacy engineering – in your home or on the go – with The Olympiad open-source SIEM.

Our Mission

At notiaPoint, we are on a mission of building privacy into the heart of every home, office and home-office. By providing intrapreneurs and entrepreneurs with the DevSecOps tools they need to thrive and innovate in their professional spaces, we can all live a little easier and worry a little less about previously unseen threats that target us and our loved ones. By focusing on individuals and viewing cybersecurity as a mental health field, we can create an inherently safer – yet more connected – internet.