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Our Mission

At notiaPoint, we are on a mission of building cybersecurity into the heart of every home. If we can accomplish this, we can all live a little easier and worry a little less about previously unseen threats that target us and our loved ones. By focusing on individuals and bringing cybersecurity awareness into the home, we can create an inherently safer – yet more connected – internet.

Our philosophy is that true cybersecurity begins with people first.

notiaPoint Doesn't Just Build Careers – We Build Futures

"You built my son's entire career."

Through hard work and career mentorship, this student built a profitable career in cybersecurity. His new flexibility enabled him to take on further ambitions and found a real-estate business on the side while still having plenty of free time for family and friends.

"My salary has doubled since working with you."

Professionals coached by notiaPoint's founder Nathan Riley have grown their careers and earned six-figure incomes.  Some have even become Chief-level executives at companies they believe in.

"I would be working in some lame, stuffy, old office if it weren't for you."

Using his extensive career background in international cybersecurity, notiaPoint's founder has helped many others establish completely remote cybersecurity careers.