Who We Are

notiaPoint is made up of a small, yet well-rounded, team of innovative and passionate entrepreneurs. 

Nathan Riley, Founder & CEO

Nathan, also known as Nato, is the CEO and founder of notiaPoint.  Before building this business, he worked in the private cybersecurity and IT sector for over a decade.  All along the way, Nathan's hobbies have included DIY home engineering projects, helping people build tech careers and serial entrepreneurship (DJ, production, information brokering, private coaching, etc.).  All of Nathan's experiences and interests have influenced the direction of everything notiaPoint has become!

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Laura Anderson Riley, Chief Communications Officer

Laura is a writer and editor as well as a serial entrepreneur. She spent much of her early career working as a print journalist and editor, radio producer and on-air DJ. Her interests include knitting profusely and travelling the world. In addition to her role as CCO of notiaPoint, Laura also runs her own YouTube channel called Laurasaurus Does Everything

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Jordan Anderson, Chief Technical Officer

Jordan grew up in rural Colorado where he spent a lot of time outside hiking, camping, and enjoying the mountains. He also spent a lot of time indoors playing with computers and other electronics. The first computer he had access to was an Apple IIe, which was also his first introduction to computer interfaces and computer gaming. He has been playing with computers and computer hardware ever since. His current interests are in designing and building desktop computers (particularly high-end rigs with custom water cooling), Linux-based computing (especially for gaming), and 3D printing. 

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