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notiaPoint is a cybersecurity fundamentals company that improves security awareness and cybersecurity worldwide by building professionals first.

notiaPoint founder and CEO Nathan RileyNavigating the world of Big Data in the Information Age is a task that grows more daunting by the day.  Among the everyday challenges of expanding data regulations and cybersecurity threats, a new breed of tech champions across the IT, compliance and cybersecurity worlds rises on a daily basis to keep businesses pioneering into the unforeseen future.

With gigabytes expanding to terabytes, exabytes and beyond, these iron-willed professionals need to be geared up and ready to manage Big Data in ways that weren't necessary before the internet dominated society.  Fortunately, notiaPoint, Inc. is determined to provide the tools and assets needed for the modern day tech gladiators to drive companies forward, day in and day out.

My name is Nathan Riley, and I founded notiaPoint to help develop more professional talent in a realm that always needs new solutions.

We are launching a training curriculum and mentorship community called notiaSquad dedicated to teaching the art and science of developing cybersecurity technologies – including but not limited to trainings around Linux, networking, Data Science, machine learning and much more.

We aim to tackle industry-wide challenges with solutions that will change the industry as we know it.

notiaPoint is also a proud partner of Infosec.

notiaPoint partners with INFOSEC

The days of antivirus being all we need for security have long passed, and now it's more important than ever for everyone at every business to be more security aware.  That's why we've partnered with Infosec.  Together, we provide a stronger means for businesses to improve their security awareness programs.

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