Calling Cyber Nomads

Calling Cyber Nomads

- By Nathan Riley -

My fellow road warriors - you know who you are.  Sometimes, you find yourself across the country, and other times across seas.  Regardless of where you are doing business, you won't get much done without your tech.

Our team at notiaPoint is dedicated to supporting the modern professional in technology, so we are soon inviting cyber nomads and travelling techies around the world to join our special group called notiaSquad.

Why Follow What notiaPoint is Working On?

  • You want a promotion or a raise in the tech world.
  • You want to figure out how to get a gig working with cybersecurity.
  • You are trying to keep up with the fast pace of the cyberspace.

The Cyber Nomad

Are you a cyber nomad?

  • We are frequently driving back and forth to do business with our clientele, with our laptops on hand.
  • We spend our days and sometimes entire nights at data centers, with cables and advanced networking gear at the ready.
  • The airport feels more like an office or even a home to us than anywhere else, as we fly around the world with our entire business in a bag; to suit our every need for months on end.

Why do you do it?

  • Though we may be weary from the roads, the job takes care of our families and lifestyles.
  • The value we provide to everyone we touch provides us with a joy that keeps us journeying off to the next site.
  • We know we are the most dependable people around, because we are always prepared for anything – no matter what.

What do you see?

  • Sometimes we are stuck in hotels and stuffy offices and only see the airport before getting back to our own beds before setting back out toward the next sunrise.
  • Every now and then, we stop to smell the roses – and see cities, landscapes, jungles, waters and sometimes sights that seem impossible or magical to our weary eyes.
  • Most of the time, we see the lives of others around us and hear the day-to-day stories of those we do work for and with.

At the end of the day, the modern day cyber nomad learns how to always stay connected, and those of us with experiences always have tools we need to handle any problem at any time.  With that being said, I hope to meet others along my journey as a cyber nomad and road warrior, myself.

Get support from other cybersecurity professionals and fellow cyber nomads. 

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