Subscribe to the Ask Nato Riley YouTube Channel

Subscribe to the Ask Nato Riley YouTube Channel


Building a career is challenging enough, let alone trying to begin a career in cybersecurity – one of the least understood industries in the world.  The founder of notiaPoint, Inc., Nathan Riley, created the Ask Nato Riley YouTube channel for this very reason.

Ask Nato Riley is a resource and forum for professionals looking to make more money in cybersecurity, whether you're just starting out or have a full resume of experience.

"I want to change as many lives as possible, and YouTube gives me a way to provide free training and information to those who can't afford costly education at this point in their lives and careers.  I've spent more than 10 years in cybersecurity, so it's time to give back a little." -Nathan Riley, host of Ask Nato Riley

If you are looking to start a new cybersecurity career, subscribe to the channel and leave comments on videos to ask Nato all of the questions you might have about the cybersecurity industry and growing your career.

Nato uploads about two videos most weeks, and replies to comments, emails and direct messages. He also produces video responses to audience questions so everyone can benefit from the shared knowledge.

Since we value education and focus on teaching cybersecurity fundamentals to solve the industry's problems with people first, we happily support the Ask Nato Riley channel. We also donate a portion of our profits to non-profits who help at-risk youths create successful futures.

Enjoy this video on cybersecurity jobs you might consider, as Nato advises what jobs those who are new to cybersecurity should consider and why.

Cybersecurity Jobs You Should Consider

Nato has also developed the "Ultimate Cybersecurity Qualifications Guide" to help you get started on a new career-based journey into the world of cybersecurity.

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