Take Your Ad Game to the Next Level

Running ads on social media for your products and services may seem like throwing money into the void. Sure, the clicks are often cheap, but if no one is buying what you're selling, you've got a problem.

But where does the problem lie? Is it the product? The ad? The audience? 

What if you could interpret and understand your ad metrics like a data scientist, isolate the problem in your funnel, and make the necessary changes to take your ad campaign from zero to hero.

Now you can. Learn to build highly targeted ads that convert with the Ad Hacker Experience.

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Learn to Build Highly Targeted Facebook Ads to Drive Paid Traffic

The Ad Hacker Experience Workshop Series is made of five lessons. Lesson #2 will walk you through how to build Facebook ads and ensure your ads get to the people who will benefit the most from your product or service. 

You'll receive three videos hosted by notiaPoint's CEO Nathan Riley walking you through the process start to finish while helping you apply your business goals to your ad strategy.

It's not rocket science. But it is data science! 

Do terms like "funnel," "audience" and "ad metrics" have you scratching your head?

Then consider checking out Lesson #1 of the Ad Hacker Experience.

This video course provides hours of video content that teaches you marketing fundamentals so you can understand your idea customer and find your tribe organically – meaning without paid ads.

Grow your tribe, grow your business.

Learn more about the Ad Hacker Experience

Check out the full Ad Hacker Experience Workshop Series to develop a comprehensive DevOps marketing strategy for your business.

The Ad Hacker Experience Workshop Series is a five-part video workshop that is designed to help you create a development operations strategy to help you grow your audience and market your business. 

Many of the strategies introduced will work across platforms. The specific ad build walk-throughs and metric analysis in the program are primarily devoted to Facebook ads, which are easy to build, cheap to run, simple to segment and widely used by a variety of demographics.

Plus, once the ad is running, Facebook's machine-learning engine will optimize your campaign to make sure it reaches the widest audience possible for your budget.

Ad Hacker Experience Workshop Outline

  1. Master organic traffic and targeting.
  2. Build highly-targeted Facebook ads to drive paid traffic.
  3. Understand your ad numbers to analyze your performance. (Coming soon!)
  4. Leverage your results for maximum conversions. (Coming soon!)
  5. Streamline your funnel so you can scale, scale, scale! (Coming soon!)
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