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  • Day 1: How email phishing attacks are built – and how to avoid them
  • Day 2The core concepts of cybersecurity and security awareness
  • Day 3Why cybersecurity is critical, and why businesses need cybersecurity programs
  • Day 4: Cybersecurity roles that all companies should have – or should consider creating
  • Day 5How you can help businesses with security awareness today
  • Day 6: What companies need security awareness training, and how you can work with them
  • Day 7: How to find and land a job in cybersecurity

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At notiaPoint, we're passionate about security awareness and teaching others prudent online habits to make the internet a safer place for everyone. For that reason, we're offering you our e-book, "The 10 Laws of Online Personal Security," as a free gift for enrolling in Cybersecurity Essentials.

"The 10 Laws of Online Personal Security" is a great place to start your security awareness training.

  • Get inside the mind of different types of hackers and learn how to avoid them. 
  • Break down stereotypes and misconceptions to understand that everyone is at risk, but everyone can learn the skills needed to stay safe.
  • Learn what to watch out for and how to avoid getting phished or scammed online.

But before you read the book, check out this "10 Laws" intro video from notiaPoint founder and cybersecurity expert Nathan Riley.

10 Laws of Online Personal Security e-book

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