Pi'd Hacker Experience | Cybersecurity Workshop & Job Simulator (BYOD)


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      (BYOD: Bring Your Own Device) This program DOES NOT include hardware!!

      Do you want to find out what you're made of?
      Do you want to test-drive what it's like to work in various cybersecurity roles in a real-world RPG (Role Playing Game) format, where you're the star character?
      Better yet, do you want to build an ethical hacker DIY portfolio of your own hard work and ingenuity?

      When you're ready to start or upgrade your cybersecurity career, you need the Pi'd Hacker Experience.

      WARNING – this experience may be very uncomfortable to some, but it turns challengers into champions.

      (Easy, Standard and Hardcore difficulty options are available, so you can jump into this experience regardless of your existing technical skill level.)

      What You Get

        • •  REAL-WORLD EXPERIENCE by creating your own technology with your own hands through a DIY cybersecurity hacking workshop and RPG
        • •  Pi'd Hacker Experience — two-month long self-guided "Role Playing" DIY experience where you get to see what it's like to work in four specific cybersecurity job roles, using real-world skills
        • •  Olympiad Open-Source SIEM Code — This hacking experience is built around open-source code for a specialized purple team SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) platform architecture that you will be able to craft into your own creation (both guidance and code for this are provided within the first three weeks of the Experience)
        • •  Assault Grid Game Builder — code and instructions for how to build and configure the Assault Grid sandbox and game
        • •  A Certification Practice and Preparation Cybersecurity Home Lab — once you complete this course you will have a pre-built research and development lab that will help you prepare for industry certifications
        • •  Completing this program guarantees you will end up with a brand new INVENTION, created by YOU!

      When you purchase the Pi’d Hacker Experience, we will provide you with access to the instructional resources to teach you how and why you can hack just about anything.

      In the course, you’ll receive instructions detailing how to engineer your new hardware and image an "Olympiad" militarized (both offensive and defensive) architecture for your Raspberry Pi. We’ll teach you Linux basics and how command line code works to give you the foundation you need to fully customize your miniature computer.

      You will also be invited to our private Discord server where you can ask questions, receive support and network with other Pi’d Hackers.

      Then prepare your battle station to fight your friends to the finish! Learn cybersecurity skills while you build and configure your very own Assault Grid cybersecurity game and hacker sandbox. You’ll face off in a contest to the death – hack into your opponents’ systems and shut them down. Be the last man standing – for the win!

      Why are we giving you a game? Because the skills you learn while configuring and playing your Assault Grid game translate into practical knowledge you can use to build a career in cybersecurity

      Note: The Assault Grid game is still in development, meaning detailed guides and in-depth explanations are not yet available. You will receive free, early access to the open-source code to create your own version of the game for private use. The official version of the Assault Grid Game will be released in Fall of 2020.

      What's a Raspberry Pi?

      A Raspberry Pi is an affordable and compact personal computer that can be customized for your needs. Use it as a pentesting tool, a development lab, a personal computer, a wireless server, a network-wide ad blocker, a gaming system, an entertainment center, and so much more. The possibilities are endless!

      NOTE: Raspberry Pi PCB hardware is NOT INCLUDED with this course. 

      Need a Raspberry Pi? Check it out in our shop!

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      Your training and consultation with notiaPoint, Inc. is provided by Nathan Riley, who has spent more than 10 years developing new technologies in the IT, cybersecurity, data science and software development arenas and is heavily certified with more than 10 technical certifications (including SANS, MCP, PCIP, CHP, Shellcoding, Black Hat and more).  He has worked with many businesses all around the world, including multiple countries in Europe, Asia and beyond.

      Nathan's extensive background brought him to discover his passion of helping create more security awareness in the world and making cybersecurity more accessible to businesses and professionals wanting to help make businesses more secure – including by educating and mentoring future cybersecurity talent.

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