Humans are constantly innovating and changing. Safety drives many of those changes.

How the Human Need for Safety Drives Innovation

For millennia, humans have worked to become more secure. It’s why we evolved so quickly – and continue to do so – and why we are the only species of the genus Homo that made it this far. We are innovators, adapters, creators, ponderers and masters of customization. 

Good for One, Good for All

Many human innovations have revolved around ways to make us more safe – as individuals, as family groups and as a society in general. 

Take, for example, the invention of electricity. Electricity made for the possibility of the superconductor, radio, the television, the telephone, and eventually the personal computer and the internet. Now, we have knowledge at our fingertips, and this ability to share resources with others instantaneously makes the world a safer place (and arguably more dangerous, which is why cybersecurity must exist in the first place).

Dumb phones led to smart phones – supercomputers in our pockets!Remember when our phones were tethered to walls and could do one thing and one thing only?
Thanks to innovation, we now carry supercomputers (a.k.a. smartphones) in our pockets!

Not only do these inventions ensure the survival of our species, they also create feelings of immense satisfaction in the inventor – not only are they keeping themselves and their families safe, they are also making the world better for all humans. 

Helping Others Is Addicting

Creators of safety are often those who become most poised for leadership because they recognize the plights of others, feel empathy and compassion for them and channel those feelings into productive solutions. 

And once your work has contributed to elevating the lives of others, you are overcome with an immense feeling of pride and satisfaction and you’ll be driven to recreate that feeling over and over again. It’s addicting!

I can speak to this personally. Every day, I get messages from aspiring cybersecurity professionals who are reading my blog, watching my YouTube channel, taking my free online course and are feeling inspired to create better lives for themselves. In fact, people are seeing success – and landing cybersecurity jobs that will lead them into high-paying careers – by heeding my advice.

For me, this makes me want to continue creating quality content and professional guidance to flood the cybersecurity industry with new talent and fresh perspectives. As long as you guys keep enjoying what we’re doing here at notiaPoint, the more I’ll keep working to create new ways to educate, motivate and inspire a new generation of passionate cybersecurity experts.

An Industry In Distress

Let’s face it – cybersecurity is a mess right now purely because of the overabundance of jobs and the lack of people to fill them. But the fact that it is a mess means that there are many opportunities for creative individuals who are brave enough to take the leap. It’s those neophytes who will transform the industry into an exciting place to work for everyone who comes after.

Early adopters of cybersecurity will shape the industry and the internet.Early adopters often shape the way the future will unfold.

The internet – like electricity – is the gateway for new technology that is springing up every day, from IoT devices, biometrics, electric cars and AI. The cybersecurity industry is desperate for people ready to jump on board dive into this new technology – thus securing the internet, our homes and our futures.

Do You Love Innovative Tech?

Do you follow technology trends? Do you like to have the latest smart home device? Do you update your smartphone every year? What’s the newest gadget that you can’t wait to get your hands on? Leave a comment to let us know! 


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