Start Your DevSecOps Journey this Holiday Season

This holiday season, let notiaPoint bring a little light into your life. Get started on the road to success by building DevSecOps skills with our unique slate of workshops and Raspberry Pi home labs with optimized cooling built exclusively by notiaPoint. 

Plus, when you join one of our Pi'd Tinkerer workshops during the month of November, you'll get a whole slew of awesome bonuses!

Or help a loved one in need by gifting them all the tools they need to build a remote, high-paying career where they can rise to the top during these trying times.

Learn DevSecOps with Pi'd Tinkerer Workshop & Hardware Bundles

Get off on the right foot with notiaPoint's Pi'd Tinkerer Workshop. Learn to image and use a Raspberry Pi 4B as you build your new computer from the ground up. Choose the option that's right for you.

If you've already got a Raspberry Pi, opt for the Pi'd Tinkerer Workshop. 

If you're in the market for a Raspberry Pi computer, pick one up from us! We assemble each Pi by hand in house. The Pi'd Tinkerer hardware bundles include the Pi'd Tinkerer Workshop plus a Raspberry Pi computer assembled by hand in-house. 

Raspberry Pi computers from notiaPoint include:

  • Raspberry Pi 4B PCB (choose 4 or 8GB RAM)
  • Raspberry Pi case designed and manufactured by notiaPoint engineers
  • Optimized cooling powered by Noctua

Pi'd Tinkerer Workshop

When you're ready to take your Raspberry Pi to the next level, check out the Pi'd Tinkerer Workshop. If you've never touched your Pi or aren't sure where to begin, this workshop has you covered!

Once your Pi is up and running, we'll show you how to overclock your Raspberry Pi to make it at least 25% more powerful than it is out of the box.

Next, learn how to cluster multiple Raspberry Pis together to create your very own supercomputer using Kubernetes (lesson coming soon). 

No idea what any of this means?! That's OK! We'll teach you over the course of this workshop. 

Olympiad Edition Pi'd Tinkerer Bundle (Raspberry Pi + Workshop)

Order the Olympiad Edition Pi'd Tinkerer Bundle, and we'll send you a fully assembled Raspberry Pi 4B home lab field kit, plus the workshop described above. This mini computer is a pentester's dream – take it with you wherever your ethical hacking adventures may lead.

Pick your RAM and case color, and we'll do the rest. Why buy from us? Because we offer a two-year hardware replacement warranty on all Raspberry Pi PCBs bought from us. 

Dojo Edition Pi'd Tinkerer Bundle (Raspberry Pi Cluster + Workshop)

Two Pis are always better than one! And that's exactly what you get with the Dojo Edition Pi'd Tinkerer Bundle. We'll send you a fully assembled Raspberry Pi cluster – that's two Pis clustered together to give you double the power. 

Plus, you'll receive the Pi'd Tinkerer Workshop (see info above) that will teach you how to overclock your Raspberry Pis to make them even more powerful. Choose your RAM and case colors.

And with all Raspberry Pis sold by notiaPoint, both PCBs in your Dual Pi Cluster are covered by our two-year hardware replacement warranty – in case your experiments end up frying your board.

Earn Your Cybersecurity Chops with Pi'd Hacker Experience

Learn DevSecOps the fun way with the Pi'd Hacker Experience. This eight-week workshop will teach you skills to empower you to take control of your own future. Whether you want to work your way into a senior cybersecurity position or develop your security tools and products, we'll help you lay the foundation for the rest of your career.

In just the first three weeks of the program, you'll learn:

  • foundational knowledge about cybersecurity and the cybersecurity industry
  • scientific principles for research and development
  • social engineering essentials to help you understand how hackers think
  • how to engineer your new hardware and image an "Olympiad" militarized (both offensive and defensive) architecture for your Raspberry Pi
  • Linux basics and how command line code works to give you the foundation you need to fully customize your miniature computer

Then you'll be introduced to the Office of the CISO role play, where you'll act out real-world scenarios in four common cybersecurity career paths in the Zero to Hero program expansion. Act out the roles of security architect, malware analyst, penetration tester and SOC (security operations center) analyst/data scientist as you work your way to earning your Fundamental Security Architect certification. 

Pi'd Hacker Experience is great no matter what your experience level. Choose the difficulty that's right for you – Casual, Standard or Hope for the Hardcore. Work through the program multiple times as you increase your difficulty level and learn new skills, theories and techniques all along the way.

Learn more about Pi'd Hacker Experience

Become a Cyber Samurai with DevSecOps Dojo 

If you're looking for a community where you can expand your knowledge and grow your skills on a continual basis, the DevSecOps Dojo from notiaPoint is the place for you!

The DevSecOps Dojo is professional development community that provides continuous training in cloud technology and ethical hacking. Stay ahead of the curve and learn the latest and greatest DevSecOps trend. You may even end up starting the trend. 

This is a community for development professionals. Everyone who purchases a workshop from notiaPoint during the month of November will get access to the DevSecOps Dojo for the rest of 2020 at no cost. After that, you may choose to sign up for a recurring fee of $150 per month.

Drop in on weekly sessions with Nato, try your hand at weekly assignments, and decide if the Dojo is where you belong.

Once you're in, you'll be required to complete an application to prove your technical skills and introduce yourself to the community. Once complete. you'll earn your White Belt and be well on your way to becoming a Cyber Samurai!

Learn more about the DevSecOps Dojo